We understand that patients may turn to the courts after an accident, and Comstar has assembled a team to assist law firms and record retrieval companies in securing the documents needed to further a legal claim. We are a billing company and, as such, can provide copies of patient statements related to Emergency Ambulance Transport billing. However, we do not store and cannot provide copies of Patient Care Reports. Any request for a Patient Care Report should be directed to the transporting ambulance service.


If your firm requires a document from us, please compile the following information on a Patient Authorization (to release records) Form that is signed by the patient and dated:

  • the patient name
  • the name of the Transporting Ambulance Service
  • the date(s) of service
  • your client’s date of birth
  • and the last four digits of his / her social security number


Once you have assembled the required documents (Patient release), please electronically transmit your request to us via ChartSwap. The postal service has become an increasingly unreliable method of delivery and, because of that, Comstar has partnered with ChartSwap, a web utility that allows us to exchange billing documents, affidavits, etc. via the Internet. You may access an existing account or create a new account at ChartSwap.




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HIPPA Grade Security and Encryption


We understand that, in some cases, original copies of an affidavit or deposition are required for
filings. For any document that requires a notarial citation, your law firm may choose from a series of
delivery options: electronic delivery, delivery by mail, or both. When initially submitting your request,
choose the appropriate delivery method, and we will charge you accordingly. (Know that if you choose delivery by mail, Comstar is not responsible if the document is lost between our office and yours.)


Before we work your request, Comstar will invoice your firm. Our fees vary based on the complexity of the request and individual state law. Upon electronically receiving the invoice, you may pay on the ChartSwap website with your credit card or e-check. Or, you may draft and mail a check to us. Either option is fine, and the instructions and address for mailing a check are printed on the invoice.



Why do we have to use ChartSwap?
Every year, we have many worked requests that never make it back to the law firm. In addition, we receive phone calls about requests that never made it to our office. Using the web allows us to bypass the postal system, making the request process faster and more reliable.

Why does it take as long as 10 business days to fulfill a request?
Most billing requests are worked in 2-3 days. However, we receive a substantial volume of requests each week. Considering the type of sensitive data that we are providing, and the significant volume, it requires careful processing. For that reason, we ask that you do not contact us for a status update within the 10-day window.

Why will you not accept faxed or e-mailed requests?
Every request made of us contains sensitive information about your client. Neither delivery method (fax or e-mail) is entirely secure. Your request must be sent through the ChartSwap website.

Why will you not provide periodic status reports?
If we answered every request for status, we would get little else done. Know that we are required by state law to respond to your request in an appropriate amount of time, and we will work your request in that time period.